PROX 01.1363.050 PISTON KIT ALUMINUM 66.00MM +0.50MM

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  • Manufactured in Japan and designed as OEM replacements
  • Cast from a high-silicon content aluminum alloy that meets or exceeds OEM specifications, then CNC machined to extremely close tolerances; unless noted otherwise
  • Available in standard sizes along with fractional increases in standard sizes
  • Standard B, C and D sizes extend the life of expensive plated cylinders
  • Additional oversizes available in 0,010 mm increments
  • Pistons supplied in a kit package that includes rings, wrist pins and circlips
  • Pro-X rings and pistons are interchangeable and compatible with OEM pistons and rings NOTE: Standard size pistons do not require reboring or rehoning your cylinder Oversize pistons will require reboring and rehoning of your cylinder
  • More Information
    Product Code 01.1363.050
    Seller Code 09101366
    Brand PROX
    More Information BORE : 66.00mm
    FITMENT : Honda CRF230F
    MATERIAL : Aluminum
    MODEL : 4-Stroke
    NOTE : Standard Compression 9.0:1
    SIZE : 66.00mm
    STYLE : Standard Compression 9.0:1
    OEM NO : 13101-KFB-750;
    PRODUCT NAME : Piston Kit
    OVERSIZE : +0.50mm